Mike Turner ABX Meeting Wilmington
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Rep. Turner Meets with ABX Employees in Wilmington Facility
Dayton, OH—Congressman Mike Turner met today with ABX employees in their Wilmington facility to discuss efforts to respond to a proposed deal between DHL and UPS that could cause the loss of as many as 8,000 jobs. UPS and DHL have reportedly recently agreed to a deal, the terms of which would allow UPS to assume much of DHL’s American business operations. Congressman Turner discussed his collaboration with local, state, and federal officials to respond to DHL’s reorganizational plan.

“I appreciate the opportunity to talk with the ABX employees here in Wilmington,” Congressman Turner said. “The proposed deal between DHL and UPS would have a devastating impact on the local economy and on local families. That is why it was so important to speak to these workers and reassure them that every possible step is being taken on their behalf.”

Since DHL’s surprise announcement that it was considering a deal with UPS to consolidate their North American shipping operations, Congressman Turner has worked as part of a task force with local community leaders like Wilmington Mayor David Raizk and Clinton County Commissioner Randy Riley. Rep. Turner has also worked with Ohio’s Congressional Delegation to seek a Department of Justice investigation into the antitrust implications of the proposed deal. This weekend, Rep. Turner brought officials from the Department of Labor, the Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration to Wilmington to detail what assistance would be available to the community should the proposed deal be completed.

“While there is great concern about the facility’s future, the employees at the ABX facility are continuing to work hard,” Congressman Turner said. “I am committed to working on their behalf to respond to DHL’s proposed deal with UPS.”