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Congressional Offices Provide Help with Grants
By Congressman Michael Turner

Our region is home to a wide variety of organizations, groups, and individuals that are constantly finding ways to improve the community. If you belong to one of these organizations, there are thousands of federal grants your organization might be eligible for and benefit from.  There are a wide variety of federal grants and, before beginning the process of applying, you should know how my office can assist in reviewing and securing grant funding.
Each department within the executive branch and many other federal agencies offer funding opportunities to state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals.  By searching the Catalogue for Federal Domestic Assistance, located online at, you can find available Requests for Proposals (RFPs). These are specific needs that federal agencies have identified and are looking to provide funding to help solve. Once you locate a RFP for which you qualify, you will need to use to complete the application process.

The staff in my Dayton District Office can offer organizations or individuals grant assistance in several ways.  They will assist in researching grants and contacting federal agencies to gain insight into the viability of a RFP, obtain the information I need to be able to write a letter of support for a grant application, notify individuals and organizations of awarded funds, and help you navigate the grants website.  My office will also provide grant presentations to interested groups who want to learn more about finding and applying for federal grants.

This year, Jim Knupp, my grants coordinator, delivered grants presentations at the Dayton Dragon’s Stadium, the Montgomery County Library, and Wilmington College.  While at Dragon’s Stadium, he was able to inform city officials, school administrators, and many other community leaders of the federal programs that currently exist to promote the development and use of alternative energy solutions.  He was invited by the Montgomery County Library to speak to non-profit organizations and local health care providers.  At Wilmington College, he provided general information on federal funding for schools and local governments to leaders from both Clinton and Highland Counties.

Earlier this year, Wright State University contacted my office seeking assistance in obtaining a grant. We worked with the university’s political science department to craft a letter of support, through which Department of Education funding for a new Chinese program was obtained.

In late-July, St. Mary’s Community Development Corporation broke ground on Lyon’s Place I, a 67 unit senior housing community in West Dayton.  My office successfully coordinated with the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing to secure the final funding needed for St. Mary’s to begin constructing the new apartment complex.

It is important that our government support the good work done by citizens and groups in our community. Fortunately, there are many resources available to provide assistance. My office can provide information and aid to those looking for grant funding. If you are interested in obtaining more information about federal grants or how my office can help, please contact Jim Knupp in my Dayton District office at (937) 225-2843. For more information regarding federal grants or more specifics on and, visit my website at