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Turner Receives Critical Support From Ranking Member of Key Congressional Committee for Hearings on UPS/DHL Deal

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael R. Turner (OH-03) today received a letter from Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member John Mica (R-FL) expressing his support for hearings on the proposed deal between UPS and DHL. Congressman Mica’s letter was addressed to Committee Chairman James Oberstar (D-MN) and was in response to Congressman Turner’s letter with the Ohio Delegation requesting hearings.

“Ranking Member Mica’s support for hearings is a critical step,” Congressman Turner said. “This deal, if it is allowed to be completed, would have consequences beyond it’s devastating impact on our local, state, and national economy. It would also remove a major element of the North American shipping market. This is why congressional hearings into this issue are so important.” 

Congressman Turner brought Ranking Member Mica to visit the Wilmington Airpark in August of 2006. Mr. Mica’s home state of Florida will also be significantly impacted by the UPS/DHL deal because it is the home of ASTAR, an air cargo company that has nearly 1,000 employees in the Wilmington hub. Additionally, DHL is a minority stockholder in ASTAR.

Under the proposed terms of the partnership, DHL would be contracted by UPS to pick up and deliver products but would have no role in product shipping and sorting. These roles would be filled by UPS, which also acquired Emery Airlines in Dayton in 2005 in a consolidation move that cost approximately 1,200 jobs. The partnership could compromise over 8,000 jobs that are based in DHL’s Wilmington hub.