In a CEPA exclusive, Congressman Michael Turner, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, considers the transformative potential of the Strategic Concept and its significance for NATO’s Central European member states.
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The United States is considering the withdrawal of two brigades from Europe. Some argued that these conventional forces were no longer necessary because they did not address the threats of the 21st century. We have seen the emergence of new challenges such as counterterrorism, cyber, and energy security, as well as the persistence of traditional nuclear and conventional threats. This broad set of issues suggests that NATO, and U.S. force posture and presence in Europe, must expand and evolve.

NATO is fundamentally a security alliance. The new Strategic Concept must therefore strengthen the security of member states and establish policies that continue to deter potential adversaries and reassure member nations. In particular, the Central and Eastern Europeans—who have been some of America’s staunchest allies—need and deserve the Alliance’s reassurance.