Congressman Mike Turner (OH-3) released the following statement upon Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announcing the Department’s FY 2013 budget:

“Today’s announcement by Secretary Panetta is exactly why I voted against the Budget Control Act. While the drawdown of two wars is underway, we have a military in dire need of investment, not cuts. For example, the Air Force’s mission requirements continue to grow in the areas of cyber, space and global reach while sustaining reductions in force structure and budget.  Currently, the Air Force is relying on bombers averaging 34 years in age and is refueling aircraft with tankers that are nearly 50 years old.  This budget will make it difficult to maintain our commitment to both our national security and that of our allies around the globe.

“BRAC has been a successful way for DoD to identify savings while maintaining core missions. Wright-Patt has been a strong winner in the BRAC process, do to our focus on core competencies, a skilled workforce and cost efficiencies. Over the last decade we have continued to position Wright-Patt anticipating future BRAC’s. This will make my work on the Armed Services Committee and the work of the community that much more important as we work to advance Wright-Patt.”