Congressman Mike Turner (OH-3) released the following statement upon President Barack Obama announcing his FY 2013 budget proposal: 

“Yet again President Obama has proposed a budget with a trillion dollar deficit as well as increased taxes for increased spending. The American people have already spoken, and agree that these proposals are non-starters. While I laud his effort to increase manufacturing here in America, his overall vision for America’s future seems to be unparalleled levels of debt and no path for a balanced budget. With unemployment in Ohio and the nation at over 8 percent, job creators need the certainty that a serious budget proposal conveys. This means laying out a clear path towards reducing our deficit to deliver a balanced budget, while undertaking meaningful reforms to achieve a government which is sustainable.

“Furthermore, I am concerned that this budget does not take into account the billions of dollars in cuts the Defense Department will be subjected to under sequestration. Essentially, the President has taken a pass on being accountable for what these cuts could do to our military and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This is the very reason why I voted against the Budget Control Act, which raised our country’s debt limit by over $2 trillion.”