Congressman Mike Turner (OH-3), Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, released the following statement upon the release of the 1248 Report by the Departments of Defense and State:

“I am glad that the Administration has finally submitted this long overdue report. I look forward to looking at how the report takes into account the vital mission of protecting U.S. space technology from diversion to the space, counter-space and ballistic missile programs of other nations. 

“However, the Administration's request for blanket authority to relax our export control regime over thousands of space technologies would not make this country safer, or further our goals. For four years the State Department has dragged its feet on enforcing the current regime; specifically when it comes to companies the Department believes have illegally diverted our space technology to China. Asking for this authority, with those facts in mind, suggests a lack of seriousness about the Administration's commitment to protecting U.S. space technology.”