Today, Senator Rob Portman and Congressman Mike Turner announced their support of a decision by the U.S. Marine Corps to maintain their Hull Machining Line at the Joint Services Manufacturing Center (JSMC) in Lima, Ohio. Following the Obama Administration’s cancellation of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) Program, the Marine Corps' Program Manager began reviewing the future use of all EFV-associated equipment procured as part of that program.

Although there was a preliminary determination to relocate that equipment to a Marine Corps facility, further consideration determined that this was not a time-sensitive decision and the disposition of this equipment will not happen until after the issue can be more thoroughly studied. Portman and Turner, members of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, worked with the Marine Corps to ensure proper consideration was given before a final decision was made. This follows successful efforts by both members on their respective committees to stop attempts to defund the JSMC, a decision that would have a long-term impact on our nation’s security and defense supply chain. 

“When it comes to manufacturing combat vehicles, the skills and expertise at Lima are unparalleled anywhere in the world.  I’m pleased to see the Marines have agreed to work with us, to make sure we maintain the proper resources at the plant and avoid negatively impacting this critical capability,” said Senator Portman.

The Marines will undertake a Business Case Analysis (BCA) that will allow them to compile a cost/benefit analysis of all potential disposition alternatives. The BCA will focus on maintaining the Defense Industrial Base, of which the Lima facility is a key part.

“This decision is important for the continued success and strength of the Lima Tank Plant. Having visited the facility a number of times, I know the workforce is dedicated to producing vehicles for the defense of our nation and our allies around the world. I am glad the Marine Corps is conducting this analysis, and understands the significant importance of our defense industrial base, not only to Ohio, but the United States,” stated Congressman Turner.

“We’d like to thank Senator Portman, Congressman Turner, and the entire Ohio delegation for their constant work on behalf of the Joint Services Manufacturing Center at Lima. They know that the work done there is important to the defense of this country and helps ensure our manufacturing base remains strong,” added Keith Deters, General Dynamics’ plant manager in Lima, Ohio.