Congressman Mike Turner announced a final decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce on recent scope ruling requests, which ensures that antidumping duties are applied to certain petroleum wax candles from China, helping to protect domestic candle manufacturers.  The Department ruled that a majority of the imported Chinese candles are subject to antidumping duties.

“I want to thank the Department of Commerce for their decision clarifying that antidumping duties on certain petroleum wax candles from China will continue to be applied. American manufacturers can compete with anyone in the world when the playing field is level. This decision ensures that they will not continue to be at a disadvantage due to unfair trade practices,” said Turner.

Last year, Turner led the effort, with a bipartisan group of House colleagues, urging the Department of Commerce to strictly enforce the definitions of candles subject to the antidumping order.  Although the Department had previously clarified in August 2011, which types of candles were subject to the order, there were several requests to challenge the Department’s narrow exclusions.

This decision will have a positive impact on a local Ohio candle manufacturer, Candle-Lite.

“We are very happy Commerce sided with the U.S. candle manufacturers and we are very appreciative of the tremendous support we’ve received from Congressman Turner and his staff in helping us make our argument to the Commerce Department thus this very favorable decision,” said Anton Katrus, Executive Vice President at Candle-Lite. 

Turner added, “Unfortunately many more instances of imbalanced trade exist in the market place. I look forward to continuing to work with American job creators like the candle industry to ensure they have the ability to compete in a fair marketplace.”