Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) has written to President Barack Obama, urging him to show leadership on averting sequestration – something he promised Americans would “not happen.” Turner voted against the Budget Control Act of 2011, because he knew we’d be right where we are today – trillions more in debt and no leadership on solving our government’s long-term spending problem.

“Nevertheless, as recently as last month I remained hopeful that your visit to the Capitol to meet with Members of the House of Representatives signaled a renewed effort to produce a bipartisan plan to address the arbitrary sequestration cuts and put our country on a path to fiscal responsibility.  Unfortunately, that was not the case,” wrote Turner.

While allowing sequestration to go into effect, the president has missed another opportunity to put real solutions on the table to avert the impact of sequestration and rein in out-of-control spending. However, the budget request offers sketchy details with phantom savings, and includes previously offered tax increases that have been rejected by both the House and Senate. Further, the budget does not restore the sequestration cuts, but instead leaves twenty percent of the reductions in place, risking our national security - while adding $8.2 trillion to our national debt. 

“I assure you, Congress is not alone in awaiting your leadership. As a result of sequestration our servicemembers, defense civilian employees, and their families are facing great uncertainty. Mr. President, it is my hope that you will put forth credible solutions and work with Congress to deal with sequestration, and restore stability to the lives of the thousands of Department of Defense civilian workers,” added Turner.


NOTE: A copy of the letter sent to President Obama can be found here.