Yesterday, Congressman Mike Turner met with Defense Department civilian employees who have been impacted by furloughs as a result of sequestration. Turner, who voted against sequestration, has been sounding the alarm as to the devastating impact the cuts have had on both the Defense Department and its civilian workforce.

“These are people who are dedicated to their mission of ensuring the security of our nation. The conditions being imposed on them are wrong and unfair. Not only are they being told to take a pay cut, but they are also subject to conditions which depress morale. The loss of confidence and pride suffered by these employees will take years to restore,” said Turner.

The employees, all from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, told of 5 foot high weeds, closed bathroom facilities and other workplace maintenance lapses. Many of these workers, who typically work 50-60 hours a week, have seen their work weeks cut to 32 hours under sequestration. The shortened work weeks along with the fact that employees are furloughed on different days, means that tasks aren’t being completed.


Turner takes notes during his meeting with furloughed DOD civilian employees.