Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, has written to Acting Inspector General Lynne Halbrooks to request further information regarding the ongoing “Audit of the Navy Commercial Access Control System.” The goal of the audit which began in September 2012 is “to determine whether the Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS) is mitigating access control 

risks to Navy installations,” according to a October 2012 memorandum from the Department of Defense. 

“Given the disturbing events of today, I am highly concerned that the access control systems at our nation’s military installations have serious security flaws. It is my understanding the IG report indicates the Navy may have implemented an unproven system in order to cut costs. I also learned that potentially numerous felons may have been able to gain unrestricted access to several military installations across the country due to the insufficient background checks, increasing the risk to our military personnel and civilian employees.” writes Turner. 

NOTE: A copy of the letter sent to IG Halbrooks can be found HERE

NOTE: The DoD Memo can be found HERE