Washington, DC: Following a request from Congressman Mike Turner, Pastor Dr. David E. Gray led the House of Representatives in opening prayer this afternoon. Following the prayer, Congressman Turner delivered remarks from the House floor to highlight Pastor Gray's life of service and thank him for his commitment to his faith.   

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Pastor Gray: Let us pray. Gracious God. Your love is never ending. In these hallowed halls, your sovereign spirit comes to us, calms us, calls us and infuses us with your grace. Give us strength this day to look outside ourselves for the opportunities that come with connection and collaboration.

Give us faith to bring our best selves and to seek your will. Give us confidence that solutions can be found and problems solved. Grant us gratitude for the trust placed in us for the privilege of living in this free land and for your presence here with us.

Allow us to rest in and rely on your hope filled spirit. Loving God, we ask your blessing upon this body and all who gather here. Help us to receive your assurance, your encouragement, your wisdom and your inspiration for the tasks to which we have been called. We pray this day. Amen.

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Congressman Turner: Thank you Mr. Speaker. I am honored to welcome my good friend, Pastor David Gray, as our Guest Chaplain.

He was born in Dayton, Ohio. Pastor Gray grew up active in the Presbyterian Church and has gone on to lead a distinguished life of service.

Holding both a law degree and a Doctorate of Ministry, Pastor Gray is a former public servant, having served as a staffer in the Senate, and a true spiritual leader that has helped numerous individuals and families grow in their relationship with God.

Currently, Pastor Gray serves as the Head Pastor at the Bradley Hills Church and resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife, Bridget and four children.

On behalf of the United States Congress and the people of his hometown in my district, the 10th Congressional District of Ohio, I want to thank Pastor Gray for his commitment to his faith and for opening the House with a prayer today.