Washington, DC: Congressman Michael Turner has been elected to serve as President of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA).

The NATO PA is an affiliate organization of NATO and is comprised of over two hundred and fifty delegates from the parliaments and legislative bodies of the Alliance’s 28 members states and associate nations.

“I am honored to serve as President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. NATO is the United States’ strongest and most important ally and its success is critical to keeping the American people safe.

This body serves as the important link between the NATO Alliance and the governing bodies of all the individual member nations. It is the responsibility of the NATO PA to help secure and build upon on our relationships with our European allies and to provide valued insight, dialogue and understanding regarding our shared security and political concerns,” said Turner.

To fulfill its core mission, the Assembly holds over 40 activities every year that bring together between 10 and 350 members of parliaments and legislatures in various formats. These meetings provide a unique and specialized forum for dialogue and debate among the parliamentary delegates on security issues. Twice a year, the assembly meets in full session to discuss and adopt Committee reports and policy recommendations for the NATO Alliance.

In addition to leading this Assembly, Congressman Turner will have the opportunity to meet with the NATO Secretary General and other high-ranking NATO officials on an annual basis to discuss and influence the response to national security issues.

“The alliance continues to face a wide range of security threats and we must respond with a strong unified voice.

Over the next two years, one of the most pressing threats will continue to be Russia. It will be critical for NATO to address Russia’s clear violation of international agreements, their violation of the sovereignty of other nations, and their blatant disregard for international values.

Additionally, we will need strong commitment and cooperation from all member nations to successfully fight ISIS and combat terrorism in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq,” said Turner. 

Congressman Turner succeeds former President Hugh Bayley, a British Member of Parliament, whose mandate came to an end after two years.

Congressman Turner has served as the Chairman of the U.S. Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since 2011 and served in the Parliamentary Assembly since 2009.