White House: New Secretary of Defense will be ‘Very Clear’ on Chain of Command

Turner: But White House Still has No Foreign Policy Strategy

Washington, DC: Following President Obama's nomination of Ash Carter for Secretary of Defense and the Obama Administration's comments that the next Secretary of Defense 'will be very clear about what the chain of command is,' Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the Tactical Air and Land Forces, released the following statement: 
“While the chain of command may be clear, there is still no indication that we will see any type of national security or foreign policy strategy in the last two years of the Obama Administration.
President Obama has admittedly failed to present or implement a coherent foreign policy or provide decisive U.S. leadership.
Instead, we’ve seen inaction, uncertainty, and indecision that diminished U.S. influence, eroded the overall effectiveness of U.S. policy, and exacerbated threats throughout the world.
Unfortunately, despite Ash Carter’s impressive track record at the Pentagon, unless the White House articulates a clear national security and foreign policy strategy, it may not matter who is in the job.”