ANDREA MITCHELL: Well among the critics, by the way all of you, is General Jim Jones—James Jones—the first National Security Advisor to President Obama. He wrote, “Mr. Maliki’s failure to unify Iraq’s diverse populations is the chief cause of the current crisis, but Washington bears some of the blame for not taking timely action that could have limited this summer’s chaos. The Obama administration could have maintained a limited military training presence in Iraq after 2011; could have acted in Syria last year hone the chemical weapons “red line” was crossed; and could have in sited that Mr. Maliki arm the Kurds. But what matters more is what the U.S. can do now.” Congressman, I think you were against going to Syria, were against military action—

REP. MIKE TURNER: Well, what the President needs is a strategy and a plan. I think why he failed to garner the support for the action that he proposed in Syria was because he did not have a strategy and a plan, and we still see the failure of that. 

The failure in his foreign policy and the neglect, as Anne was saying, as this threat evolved in Syria— ISIS didn’t evolve out of thin air—they were emerging. And then also the neglect of the Administration to work with Iraq. We see how unstable Iraq is and how threatened they can be by ISIS. 

And then this very odd red line that the President established with the Yazidis. And instead  instead of when ISIS was establishing a stronghold with major infrastructure, threatening Baghdad, mass killings, tens of thousands of refugees, he Administration only took action when there was a humanitarian issues. 

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ANDREA MITCHELL: Congressman, is it too late? Because we now have a new prime minister, but he’s been critical of the Kurds in the past. We’ve yet to be proved that he is really going to be inclusive 

REP. MIKE TURNER: Well, this is a time for the President to engage. We’ve seen again as a result of the neglect that the President has had in his foreign policy in respect to Iraq—the instability that has occurred. But the President also has to come to the recognition that ISIS is a threat to the United States. 

British Prime Minister Cameron wrote in an oped that he sees ISIS as a threat to Britian and to the British. Certainly this President needs to make the case and I think his policies should reflect this: this is not just a threat to a stable Iraq, this is a threat to our national security. 

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