Turner Welcomes his Guest:

Speaker of the Ohio House, Cliff Rosenberger 

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Question: What do you hope to hear from the President tonight? 

Rep. Mike Turner: Well, I am very honored to have the Speaker of the Ohio House here with me today and as he certainly knows, one of the most important things that the President could say today is his commitment to a willingness to work together with a new Congress. As we step forward, he’s looking out at a much different Congress and the American public want all the various portions of the government to work together and to get along so we can move the economy forward, make certain our nation is safe, and certainly make certain that our country is working for them. 

Question: What does this address mean for people in Ohio?

Speaker Cliff Rosenberger: Well first off, I’m honored to be here with Congressman Turner who has really been out there on the forefront of making sure we take care of our troops, number one.  But I think what Ohioans really want is to finally see a government that will step up and lead and I think we are expecting this President to step up and lead. Lead on a worldwide basis, but also lead locally and domestically on helping free up our small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can actually break the red tape and bureaucracy that continues to push them down.  We want to see something from the President that allows those who go on to higher education to be able to afford it and to be able to go out and continue to live the American dream.  Look we have great people in the state of Ohio with the best work force in the world. We just need to hear from the President tonight the ability to kind of step out of our way and let Ohio do its job, so that we can continue to succeed.