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Members of Congress Prepare for BRAC:

Today, Lawmakers Met to Identify Ways to Protect and Strengthen Ohio’s Military Assets

Columbus, OH: Today, Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10), Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-06), Congressman Steve Stivers (OH-15) and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) met with representatives from Ohio’s military installations in anticipation of BRAC to identify ways to protect, strengthen, and grow Ohio’s military assets.   

Today’s meeting gave the lawmakers an opportunity to hear Ohio’s top military commanders directly outline the mission and capabilities of their individual installations. 

Based on the information collected from today’s meeting, the lawmakers will work to formulate an action plan for protecting and potentially enhancing our state’s Department of Defense facilities in any future BRAC.

Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10), Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces:

“Today, we helped put Ohio ahead of the curve," said Turner

"Ohio's military leaders and congressional representatives began a critically important conversation and established a strong commitment to coordination in the face of any future BRAC.

Due to the devastating effects of sequestration, our Department of Defense is facing decreasing budgets and increasing pressures.  Going forward, this ongoing dialogue will help to identify our state's opportunities and vulnerabilities and enable the leaders of our state to play the best hand possible so that Ohio wins," said Turner.

Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-06): 

“Congressman Turner and I, along with other members of the Congressional delegation and their representatives participated in a listening session in Columbus today, and heard directly from several of Ohio’s distinguished military leaders on the status of Department of Defense facilities and organizations throughout the state.  I look forward to working with Governor Kasich to retain and expand Ohio’s defense infrastructure, and the important jobs that go with it,” said Johnson.  

Congressman Steve Stivers (OH-15):

 “I appreciated the opportunity to hear about the unique military capabilities and assets across the state of Ohio,” said Stivers.  “It is important for the Ohio delegation to work together as a team to effectively prepare for BRAC in order to successfully acquire and maintain new missions for our state in the future.  Today was a good step in that direction,” said Stivers.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09):

Congresswoman Kaptur, a member of the House Defense Appropriations  Subcommittee added, "Ohio's Department of Defense assets greatly benefit our state and advance our national security. Is is important that our delegation has pledged to work together to ensure the role of our existing national defense facilities in Ohio and also work to broaden Ohio's defense preparedness mission in areas such as advanced manufacturing and cyber security."