Congressman Turner released the following statement after the House passed the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

“This is a great step towards fully funding our national security needs and sets up a collision with the President’s irresponsible veto threat that ignores the real security risks facing our nation.

“Passage of the FY2016 Defense appropriations bill is an important step toward ensuring our military is properly resourced to successfully defend the United States and its allies for many years to come. As our men and women in uniform continue to face a growing and dynamic threat environment, this year’s funding bill ensures that they have the resources needed to address those challenges.

“I commend the tireless work of Chairman Frelinghuysen in getting this bill to the floor and passed out of the House. Under Chairman Frelinghuysen’s leadership, his subcommittee put forth a bill that strikes the appropriate balance between equipping our military to effectively carry out its mission, while also providing needed oversight to ensure accountability and appropriate use of taxpayers’ dollars.”


Congressman Turner Provisions 

Among other initiatives put forth by Congressman Turner, the FY2016 Department of Defense Appropriations Act included additional funding above the President’s request for the Air Force’s Human Effectiveness Applied Research Program and the Manufacturing Technology Program. The subcommittee report includes an additional $10 million for each program. Currently, University of Dayton works in conjunction with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) on the Manufacturing Technology Program. Wright State University works with AFRL on the Human Performance Applied Research Program.