Congressman Turner released the following statement after the Department of Defense announced an agreement between the Department of Defense and the prime contractor Lockheed Martin that will result in reduced costs in the next contract for the procurement of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft:

“This is a good deal for the Department of Defense, our foreign partners, for Lockheed and for the US taxpayer. I commend the President’s efforts and willingness to create the necessary conditions so that the Pentagon could successfully negotiate lower unit costs. This is a refreshing change from what we’ve experienced over the past eight years in the Obama Administration.

“I look forward to working with the new Administration and the Department of Defense to continue to explore ways to reduce costs in other defense programs.

“Restoring and rebuilding our military’s readiness after years of budget cuts and neglect continues to be our top priority and getting this critically needed fifth-generation fighter aircraft fielded more rapidly and in greater quantity will be essential to our efforts.”