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Congressman Turner’s office has found that the group Dayton Indivisible is perpetrating a fraud on the Dayton Community.

The leader of Dayton Indivisible purports to be Ella Baker. She is not and she along with the leadership of her fraudulent group know her true identity.

The community needs to be informed of the true identity of this group. The group continues to prey on the good nature of the Dayton Community. Do not give them money and do not attend their fake events.

The group leader has assumed the identity of Ella Baker, a prominent African American civil rights leader, who worked with Martin Luther King Jr.

Her real identity, known to the group Dayton Indivisible, is Christie Lamb.

Christie Lamb has fraudulently contacted my office and impersonated Ella Baker in violation of 18 USC section 1001. We assume she has also misrepresented her true identity in fund-raising and group organizing.

Christie Lamb has also misrepresented her identity in local TV interviews.

Christie Lamb has also misrepresented her identity to the Dayton Public Schools and misrepresented that she would be hosting an event with Congressman Turner. Congressman Turner will not be attending any events held by the fraudulent leadership of the fraudulent group Dayton Indivisible. He has spoken with the Superintendent and informed her of this fraud.

In addition, the group Dayton Indivisible purports to be a community constituent group. They are not. 

Dayton Indivisible is an arm of the Democratic Party affiliated national protest group “Indivisible.” The group was upset that their failed candidate Hillary Clinton lost  and has vowed to host national protests against Donald Trump. Dayton Indivisibles’ national web site is located at: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/web/

Christie Lamb must apologize to our African American community and our constituent’s community for perpetuating an offensive fraudulent identity. In addition, the group Dayton Indivisible must return all contributions that it has received as a result of the misrepresentation of the group’s identity and the identity of its leader, Christie Lamb This is shameful.

“The Dayton community has a long history of community participation, from our priority boards to community service groups, all of which I have been proud to serve and work along side,” said Congressman Turner.   “Partisan protest groups such as this that attempt to fraudulently hijack our community’s proud history of citizen participation are shameful. This group and its leadership must apologize to our whole community.”