Congressman Mike Turner’s (OH-10) amendment to the Farm Bill allowing Central State University to receive equal federal funding passed the House by voice vote. Turner’s amendment evens the playing field between all historically black 1890 land-grant institutions. Without Turner’s amendment, Central State University was disadvantaged and unable to receive the same level of federal funding as other historically black colleges.

Below are Congressman Turner’s remarks on the House floor in support of his amendment:

“Mr. Speaker, I had a great conversation today with Secretary of Agriculture Perdue, in which he spoke very highly of the students, faculty, and the President of Central State University during his visit to the University. Central State University is in my congressional district. I want to thank Secretary Perdue for his leadership.

I am committed to working with the Secretary’s office and all the historic black colleges to find a solution during the appropriations process to stop the disparate funding treatment currently in place. All 1890 land-grant intuitions should be treated equal.

My common-sense and revenue neutral amendment evens the playing field of federal funding qualifications for all 1890 land-grant historically black colleges rather than just a few, as it is currently written now.

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the Chairman for his support for my work on this amendment. I specifically want to thank Joyce Beatty, who supports the amendment and who is the only alumnus from Central State University.”

You can watch the full speech here.