Following Michael Cohen’s attorney’s confirmation that Cohen met with Democratic staff four times in New York for over ten hours ahead of Cohen’s public testimony, Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) released the following statement:

“Today Michael Cohen’s attorney confirmed that Democratic staff traveled on taxpayers’ dime four times to New York and met with a convicted felon to prepare him for his congressional appearances. The amount of time Democratic staff met with Cohen was several hours longer than the overall run time of his public questioning. For comparison, it appears that for every one hour of public questioning by Democrats, Democratic staff spent three hours privately with Cohen preparing him for that questioning.

The American public need to know that what they have witnessed over the past two weeks has been orchestrated theater produced by Democrats. This level of coaching of a witness is highly unprofessional and inappropriate, and any claim to the contrary is complete nonsense. This further undermines the American public’s trust in Cohen’s credibility and increases skepticism to whether the Democrats will run a fair and fact-finding investigation.”

On Wednesday, Turner sent a letter to Cohen’s attorney’s office asking for public answers detailing Cohen’s contacts with Democratic Members and Democratic staff before Cohen’s congressional appearances.