This week, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies approved a total of $69.8 million coming directly to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in FY 2021. In addition to the $35 million secured for the Intelligence Facility Central Utility Plant and $23.5 million for a new Hydrant Fuel System, this funding includes an additional $11.3 million for area maintenance support activity for the Army Reserve, as requested by Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10).

“I am pleased to announce that from my request to the House Appropriations Committee, I have been able to secure an additional $11.3 million in direct funding for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in FY 2021. This brings the grand total of money coming to Wright-Patt in the next fiscal year as a result of my work to nearly $70 million. Between that and the $182 million expansion project that I was able to secure full funding for in recent years, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base continues to be a beacon of growth for our military’s operations and missions. I will continue to advocate for Wright-Patt as the appropriations process continues.”