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Dayton Children’s President & CEO Deb Feldman with Turner at Dayton Children’s last week.

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it will be delivering an additional $1.4 billion in COVID-19 relief funds to children’s hospitals across the country. Ohio is to receive $165 million to spread across 5 children’s hospitals located in the state. Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) has strongly supported children’s hospitals during the pandemic, including requesting last month an additional allocation for children’s hospitals out of the relief funds appropriated by Congress, as well as visiting Dayton Children’s last week. 

During his visit to Dayton Children’s, Turner met with President and CEO Deb Feldman. While there, Turner discussed the federal funding the hospital has received as a result of his advocacy. Dayton Children’s has been selected as one of the two regional COVID-19 testing centers for the State of Ohio due to its quick and reliable turnaround.

“When I visited Dayton Children’s last week and met with CEO Deb Feldman, it was clear how much work their team has put into combating COVID-19 and keeping their patients healthy,” said Turner. “After my communications with the Administration in support of additional funding for children’s hospitals, I am proud to announce that Ohio will be receiving $165 million in COVID-19 relief funds for children’s hospitals. I will continue to advocate for Dayton Children’s and our community as we navigate this ongoing pandemic.”