Congressman Mike Turner pictured with Doris Edelmann, Action Ohio Youth Advisory Board, Commissioner Debbie Lieberman and four former foster youth Cloe Cooper, Jonathon Thomas, Jamole Callahan & Sydney Dykes. 

Dayton, Ohio: Joined by Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman, Montgomery County Children’s Services, Foster ACTION Ohio, and former foster youth, today Congressman Mike Turner held a press conference to discuss the passing of his bill, the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act (FSHO) which passed in omnibus legislation at the end of 2020 and was signed into law.

FSHO, which the Congressman first introduced in 2015, prioritizes minors who are aging out of foster care and at risk of homelessness, and equips them with more opportunities to successfully transition towards independent and stable adult lives.

Doris Edelmann, a member of the Action Ohio Youth advisory Board who worked with the Congressman on this issue since 2015, thanked the Congressman for his relentless advocacy in introducing and passing FSHO:

“After many years of Congressman Turner’s tireless advocacy on behalf of foster advocates in our community, I’m grateful that the Congressman pushed legislation he introduced over the finish line, which will help end youth homelessness due to children aging out of the foster system. Since I first met the Congressman years ago, he has championed this important fight and truly been a voice for the voiceless—our children—who are some of the most vulnerable among us,” said Edelmann. “I thank the Congressman for this tireless advocacy on this issue, as his legislation signed into law takes a massive step to end federally created homelessness and help provide children in the foster system with the ability to build a brighter and more secure future.”


Congressman Turner stated:

“The Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities will eliminate federally created homelessness. Thousands of children are put on the streets by the failure of government to act and protect them—this bill fixes that,” said Turner. “Working with Doris Edelmann, Action OHIO and many Ohio advocates, I’m honored to have championed this legislation and to continue to be a voice for children in our community and across our country.”

Former foster youth and advocates also spoke at the press conference, including Cloe Cooper, who serves on the Housing Liaison for ACTION Ohio, Jonathon Thomas, foster youth advocate, Jamole Callahan, Director of Training and Development at ACTION Ohio and Sydney Dykes, a foster youth advocate.

“Rep. Turner has been our first and most authentic champion. He heard our stories and took action. With the support of Congressman Turner, this life changing legislation gives former foster youth a chance to build a life of their own and a chance at the life they deserve,” said Cloe Cooper.