DAYTON, OH - Yesterday, Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) and local leaders released statements following the public release of the Dayton Water Quality and Infrastructure Review. The final report can be found here

 “After multiple events in 2019 threatened our community’s infrastructure, I created the Dayton Water User Committee to review the water quality in our region,” said Turner. “They confirmed that our water is safe to drink. Daytonians deserve this confirmation and I am thankful for the City of Dayton and Montgomery County for prioritizing this urgent study,” concluded Turner.

“When Rep. Turner formed the committee we believed the community’s water supply was safe. However, there was no third-party verification or consolidated roadmap of past work along with independent recommendations. Today, we have both.”  said Tom Raga, Vice President of External Affairs, AES Utilities

“A sincere thank you to the City of Dayton and Montgomery County for their commitment to the funding and participation with LimnoTech. City and County staff spent significant time sharing background, documentation and expertise to make sure the report was timely and accurate.  And, finally, Janet Bly and Mike Ekberg made the project smooth and reliable as our fiscal agent and project manager. It was truly a team effort and the final product provides confidence and benefits to the Miami Valley.” concluded Raga. 

“The report highlights that the aquifer is a critical resource for the Dayton area and our businesses. Many area businesses rely on water for manufacturing, operations, and economic growth. The report gives confidence to the business community that we have a secure and reliable asset. I am thankful for Tom Raga for overseeing this project and for Congressman Turner’s leadership.” - Christopher E. Kershner, CAE, IOM President & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

“One of the Dayton Region’s biggest assets is its drinking water supply, and maintaining its high quality continues to be a top priority for the region. Access to clean water for our residents and businesses is critical to growing our local economy. This report spells out the extensive oversight already in place for our water supply, and the efforts are taken to keep it safe and operational, as well as providing concrete steps forward to ensure our community preserves this asset into the future.” - Jeff Hoagland, CEO, Dayton Development Coalition 

“The City of Dayton welcomed the independent review of our water operations. We are pleased to see the report confirm that the City has made advantageous investments and responsibly managed this critical regional asset. We recognize in earnest the responsibility in delivering clean and safe water to our 400,000 customers and will continue to follow best practices to ensure high-quality water remains available in our region.” - Shelley Dickstein, Dayton City Manager

Background: In 2020, Congressman Turner created the Dayton Water User Committee, composed of regional business leaders to conduct a review of the City of Dayton’s water utility management practices relative to water quality and related long-term infrastructure management. The purpose of the Dayton Water User Committee is to ensure and/or validate the overall sufficiency of water utility management practices to support ongoing economic and quality of life factors for businesses and residents in the Dayton metropolitan area. You can learn more about the sole source of drinking water for the Dayton region here, the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer (GMBVA).