Thursday, February 11, 2021

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Congressman Turner Leads Charge to Extend NAHA Funding

Rep. Turner’s Bipartisan Bill Would Reauthorize Federal Funding For NAHA Through 2036


DAYTON, OHIO—Joined by the National Aviation Heritage Area (NAHA) and local aviation leaders at one of NAHA’s historic sites, the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, today Congressman Mike Turner announced recently introduced legislation (H.R. 956) that would extend funding for NAHA through the year 2036. 

NAHA was designated by Congress as a National Heritage Area in 2004. In 2019, Rep. Turner introduced legislation that was ultimately passed in the FY2020 appropriations bill. Passage of this bill granted NAHA reauthorization through 2022. This new legislation is cosponsored by Joyce Beatty (OH-03).

In announcing this legislation, Congressman Turner stated: 

“I recently introduced legislation that will reauthorize federal funding for NAHA through 2036. The National Aviation Heritage Area plays a vital role in protecting our community’s unique history and culture of aviation,” said Turner.  “Fifteen years of additional funding will allow NAHA to continue to successfully operate the Heritage Area and help maintain Dayton's position as the global center of aviation heritage."

Mackensie Wittmer, the Executive Director of the National Aviation Heritage Area, thanked Congressman Turner for his support of NAHA and spoke about the importance of the organization:

“As a trustee of the National Aviation Heritage Area, I would like to thank both Congressman Turner and Congresswoman Beatty for supporting America’s ONLY heritage area dedicated to telling the stories of the men, women, and flying machines that changed the course of human history with aviation. And I’m proud that the aeronautical triumphs of uncles Orville and Wilbur Wright still inspire and influence endeavors in space today.”

Amanda Wright Lane, the Great-grandniece of the Wright Brothers, also spoke to Congressman Turner’s continued advocacy for NAHA:

 “Since 2002, Congressman Turner has been a consistent advocate and leader for historic preservation and the aerospace industry in the Dayton region.  The National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA) commends the Congressman for introducing language to reauthorize the National Aviation Heritage Area for 15 years. Taking a long-range approach to the region’s economic development, this legislation will allow NAHA and its partners to strategize larger, more impactful projects that will leave a lasting and positive impact on the region.”  

Background on NAHA: The National Aviation Heritage Area (NAHA) is guided by the National Aviation Heritage Alliance, a private, not for profit corporation designated by Congress as the management entity of the heritage area. The organization seeks to, “conserve, interpret, develop, and promote the historic resources of the National Aviation Heritage Area.”

For more information, please contact Raychel Renna at (609) 432-8101.

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Rep. Mike Turner speaks at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

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Pictured left to right: Kendal Thompson (National Park Service), Mackensie Wittmer (Executive Director for the National Aviation Heritage Area), Rep. Mike Turner, and Amanda Wright Lane (Great grand-niece of the Wright Brothers)