DAYTON, O.H.—Today, Congressman Mike Turner toured Gem City Market, a community-owned grocery store in West Dayton that is set to open on May 12th. During the tour of the 15,800-square-foot grocery and retail operation, Gem City Market Board President Amaha Sellassie highlighted the services the market will provide to the community, including healthy food and yoga classes. He also noted that they have already hired 12 employees, and plan to hire additional staff. 

Congressman Turner congratulated Gem City Market on their highly anticipated opening, noting its transformative power, as it will expand food access in a notoriously underserved community.

"The opening of Gem City Market is a powerful example of Dayton leaders working together to empower and improve our community. Thanks to the diligent work of thousands of community partners, 19,000 Ohioans will now have access to healthy, affordable food and unique wellness services," said Turner. "I congratulate Gem City Market on this significant achievement. This community-owned market will not only expand critical food access, it will create jobs and help revitalize West Dayton."

The Dayton Region New Market Fund, an affiliate of CityWide, placed over $5 million in federal and state New Market Tax Credits into Gem City Market, helping secure the project’s opening. Congressman Mike Turner supported bipartisan New Market Tax Credit legislation.

Gem City Market: According to their website, Gem City Market’s mission is to, “serve, engage, and empower our neighborhoods by providing affordable, high quality food in a clean and welcoming environment that is worker and community owned.”