By Julian Pecquet


Missile defense champion Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) accused the Obama administration on Tuesday of being in a “dream-like trance” after North Korea released a video showing the destruction of a U.S. city that looks like New York.

The video, showing a dream sequence of a young man boarding a space shuttle with the North Korean flag to the soundtrack of 'We Are the World', was uploaded on You Tube over the weekend by a user that distributes the communist country's propaganda. It was taken down Tuesday after the video-game company Activision objected to the use of the attack sequence from its Modern Warfare 3 game.

“This video is beyond the typical provocations of the North Korean regime,” said Turner, the chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces. “They are offering a preview in graphic terms of the type of destruction and violence they dream of inflicting on the United States and its allies. All the while, the Administration stands idly by while North Korea pursues weapons of mass destruction and advances its missile technology.”

Turner is the chief advocate of an East Coast missile defense system that the House approved $100 million for last year. The bill, which is opposed by Obama's Pentagon, was watered down to a mere study by the Senate.

“Time is running out in countering this rising threat,” Turner said. “It’s time the Administration wakes up from their own dream-like trance and realizes that the threats from the North Korean government are real and they will not stop until they have reached their goal of inflicting harm upon our nation.

"This video evidences clear intent that the nuclear weapons programs and missile programs of North Korea are directed at the United States,” said Turner.