Washington, DC

— Today, Congressman Mike Turner thanked the leadership of the City of Moraine for their diligent work to preserve the region’s former GM plant and congratulated Moraine’s leaders on the official announcement that Fuyao, a thriving auto parts producer, is bringing manufacturing back to Dayton. 

Click here to Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHrKr79oswk

Rep. Mike Turner: In 2008, during the depths of the recession, a former General Motors Plant closed in the City of Moraine. The plant was set for demolition, which would have ended any hope of jobs returning.

Mayor Elaine Allison, City Manager David Hicks, and Economic Director Michael Davis all worked very diligently to preserve this resource and make sure this plant was not a parking lot.

Their tireless efforts paid off.

Last Thursday, the City of Moraine officially welcomed Fuyao, a thriving auto parts manufacturer, back to the former GM facility, creating hundreds of new jobs throughout the region.

I want to congratulate the Mayor, City Council and City Manager and Economic Director of Moraine for this great accomplishment and teamwork. They rallied the community behind this resource.

To the leadership in Moraine, it was great working with you on this project.