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Congressman Mike Turner and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25), Chairman of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Subcommittee of the House Committee on Appropriations, visited the former Cliburn Manor site, Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM), and Lyons Place II today. Congressman Turner released the following statement:

“Today, I was able to showcase the creative housing development initiatives the Dayton area has to offer. Many of these can be national models. I am very proud to have worked on the Cliburn Manor and Lyons Place II sites. I am thankful to the Chairman for making the time to come visit these important projects in Dayton. I am proud of the work we have done in Dayton to make this city a home to so many families.

“The Cliburn Manor site, Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM), and Lyons Place II are all examples of what can be accomplished when resources from the federal level are allocated creatively. These projects will help those in need and provide housing solutions for veterans and families. 

“I would like to thank George Oberer and Greg Thompson with Oberer Thompson, Jennifer Heapy with the GDPM, and Tim Bete along with Wes Young at St. Mary Development. Finally, I would like to thank Sister Rose who is a leading voice for low income housing in our community and was formerly with St. Mary Development and is GDPM Commissioner. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our community.”

Congressman Turner worked on the redevelopment of the Cliburn Manor site both as Mayor and as a Member of Congress. This site was once a public housing development and is now being redeveloped consistent with the housing needs of the community. 

Congressman Turner has supported the efforts of St. Mary Development Corporation, a non-profit housing developer headquartered in Dayton, to construct senior veteran housing on Dayton VAMC property.  Congressman Turner helped St. Mary’s secure an enhanced use lease with the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to build this housing on the Dayton VAMC. They were awarded a $5.1 million Department of Housing and Urban Development grant in order to help finance the project. 

Chairman Diaz-Balart made the following statement: 

"I thank Congressman Turner for inviting me to Dayton to visit affordable housing projects in his community. As Transportation and Housing Appropriations Chairman, I appreciate seeing first-hand how federal resources are being allocated to provide for the most vulnerable and to learn from them about how we can make housing programs work more effectively. I commend Congressman Turner's commitment to providing housing solutions to deserving families and veterans, and look forward to working to better serve our nation’s most vulnerable populations.”