Today, Congressman Mike Turner released the following statement upon the U.S. Supreme Court handing down their decision on the President’s healthcare reform bill – the Affordable Care Act:

“Today the Court ruled that the individual mandate is a tax. This tax will have tremendous consequences on individuals, working families, businesses, and local governments. At a time when the economy is still struggling to recover, we should be focused on reducing taxes on hardworking Americans. There are many things which are considered legal or constitutional, but are not good ideas. Obamacare is one of them.

“I have heard from many businesses across southwest Ohio, this law will be devastating for them and their employees. I voted against this bill because of these effects and the closed process which shut the door on many of the reforms which will open access to care and make it more affordable. I will join with my colleagues in the House in repealing portions of this law which will stifle job creation and place undue burdens on Ohioans. Following that we can begin an open and transparent process where real reforms can be enacted which will make healthcare more accessible and affordable.”