Congressman Turner released the following statement after calling for an immediate repeal of sequestration for national defense.  

“This letter shows strong support from Members who are pledging to vote to repeal sequestration. I have been approached by numerous colleagues asking to sign on to this letter and I look forward to gaining continued support throughout this process. The President has repeatedly called for an end to sequestration. It is my effort to reach a majority of support for this letter and to have the confidence of the House to fully repeal sequestration for our national defense.”

Congressman Turner has repeatedly voted against sequestration.

The letter reads:

“As President Trump begins to prepare his budget request for Fiscal Year 2018, it is imperative that we provide him with the ability to fully fund national defense. We must afford our President the ability to restore military readiness and provide him with the necessary tools to protect our interests at home and abroad.”

“The majority of members serving in the 115th Congress have never cast a vote on sequestration. Sequestration diminishes our military's readiness, impedes our ability to deter adversaries effectively, and ravages our defense communities across the country. As such, each member should have the opportunity to voice their opposition.”

Previously, Congressman Turner has authored multiple letters pushing for increased defense spending. These letters have garnered support from numerous Members of Congress.