Congressmen Mike Turner (OH-3) and Jeff Miller (FL-1), Chairman and Member of the U.S. Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, wrote to Supreme Allied Commander – Europe, Adm. James Stavridis (USN) to request that the Republic of Georgia be represented at the NATO Special Operations Facility Headquarters. Currently, 28 NATO nations and seven non-NATO allied and friendly conduct special operations training and coordination at this facility.

“As you know, the Republic of Georgia has one of the largest non-NATO forces in Afghanistan, larger than many NATO member contributions, and they operate without caveats.  Yet, while there are seven non-NATO nations represented at this headquarters, Georgia is not. We understand that all that is required for Georgian participation is a member nation sponsor - which we emphatically believe the United States should do,” wrote Turner and Miller.

The letter stems from a recent NATO PA delegation visit to the facility. Congressman Jeff Miller observed that it would be worthwhile to have the participation of the Republic of Georgia – a key ally in the War on terror and NATO aspirant country.

“Georgian troops have been fighting and dying alongside NATO troops in Afghanistan. I know that they could benefit from the training and coordination that this NATO facility provides. I look forward to working with Adm. Stavridis in helping to sponsor Georgian participation,” said Miller.

Today, Turner questioned Adm. Stavridis before the House Armed Services Committee on having Georgia participate at the Special Operations facility. Watch the exchange here.

NOTE: The full letter can be found here.