Congressman Turner sent a letter to Bill Harris, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the NAHF, addressing an additional letter brought to Congressman Turner’s attention detailing the NAHF’s breach of contract.

Congressman Turner’s letter states:

“Complaints amounting to a breach of contract are deeply troubling, especially when coming from the entity that both hosted a marquee NAHF event – the 2016 Enshrinement Dinner – and acts as the NAHF’s landlord.  The NAHF enjoys a privileged location as a tenant within the NMUSAF, which is found on the grounds of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).  As you are aware, the Dayton community and state of Ohio have invested millions of dollars in NAHF’s museum site at WPAFB.”

Yesterday, Congressman Turner announced three past board members of the NAHF Board of Trustees – Wolfgang Dalichau, Zoe Dell Nutter and Bill Gunlock – who will serve as advisors to the Blue Ribbon Panel.  Fran Duntz will now join as an additional advisor.

On January 25th, Congressman Turner sent a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Aviation Hall of Fame stating he will investigate the Congressionally Chartered organization after receiving troubling information concerning their finances.

On January 30th, Congressman Turner then announced that he had received support from two National Aviation Hall of Fame Trustees Katie McCallum and Donald I. VanDerKarr after announcing his plans to investigate the NAHF.

On February 1st, Congressman Turner sent a letter to Chairman of the Board of Trustees Bill Harris alerting him that the NAHF must cease and desist all deliberations, efforts or activities that relate to selling or disposing of artifacts in the NAHF’s possession.

On February 6th, Congressman Turner announced Phil Parker President and CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Hoagland, President and CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition and Brady Kress, President and CEO of Dayton History will be tasked with forming a Blue Ribbon Panel to create a sustainable plan for the NAHF’s future.

On February 6th, both Senator Rob Portman and the Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee Rob Bishop (UT-01) have expressed their support of the investigation and the Blue Ribbon Panel.

Congressman Turner is exercising his oversight authority to investigate these allegations concerning the Congressionally Chartered organization.



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