Dayton, OH – This morning, Dayton NAACP President Derrick L. Foward and Congressman Michael Turner hosted a joint press conference to discuss the importance of the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 and the importance of preserving the right to vote. 

"The bipartisan Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA) of 2014 is a flexible, modern, nationwide solution to the problem of discrimination in voting. The legislation would provide new tools to get ahead of voting discrimination before it occurs and ensure that any proposed election changes are transparent," said Foward.

"Failure to advance the VRAA gives a free pass to voting discrimination. As early as this November, there are Americans who will lose their right to vote solely because of their race or English language proficiency. This cannot be tolerated," said Foward.

"There is nothing more important to a democracy than the constitutional right to vote. As a lifetime member of the NAACP, I am always proud to partner with Dayton NAACP President Derrick L. Foward and his team to ensure that voting rights are protected," said Congressman Turner.

Congressman Turner is a cosponsor of the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014.  The passage of this legislation would enact a new formula that would ensure the voting rights of all citizens receive substantial protection.

This new formula would be based on current conditions and would establish a rolling nationwide trigger that covers states or jurisdictions that have a persistent record of violations in the last 15 years.

The bill would also ensure greater transparency in elections so that voters are made aware of changes and allow for faster relief when voting rights are violated. 

"The provisions included in this critical legislation will protect Americans against any efforts to lessen, diminish, or impede the fundamental right to vote. I will continue to work closely with the NAACP until every American has the confidence that their vote will be counted,"said Congressman Turner.