Turner Statement on OPM announcement that millions of national security personnel had information compromised in data breaches:


Applicants for security clearances are required to complete and submit to OPM the federal government’s Questionnaire for National Security Positions known as Standard Form 86 (SF-86).  At more than 100 pages, the SF-86 includes a significant amount of sensitive, personal information that must be submitted in order for a federal employee or contractor to receive a security clearance and serve in a national security position.  Applicants must submit information regarding their mental health records, personal finances, and family members’ work history.


“Today’s announcement by OPM that a significant amount of sensitive information was taken from SF-86’s could be devastating to our national security personnel and their families.  OPM estimates that more than 1 million fingerprints, in addition to current and past addresses, family member names and dates of birth, and other personal information has been put at risk.  I remain committed to getting answers from OPM on how this happened, and exactly how they intend to help these employees, retirees, and their families in the wake of this crisis.”



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