Today, Congressman Mike Turner responded to the release of the RAND Corporation’s analysis of the reorganization of Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) and the Air Force decision to proceed with the process. In late January 2012, the Secretary of the Air Force asked RAND to conduct the required independent review of AFMC’s proposed reorganization. In an effort to streamline the AFMC, the Air Force decided to restructure the major Command headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from 12 Centers to 5. The 5-Center construct was announced in November 2011 as a major part of AFMC's response to a Department of Defense challenge to find efficiencies and save taxpayer dollars. 

“This report offers encouraging news for both the Air Force and the future of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Congress and the Department of Defense realize that we can no longer continue to run business as usual and changes need to be made in order to gain efficiencies. Wright-Patt has always served as a model for other bases in our uniformed services. This study demonstrates that that role will continue, as the AFMC reorganization is a step in the right direction and the establishment of the Life Cycle Management Center will be critical in realizing savings for the taxpayer,” said Turner.

The analysis confirms that “AFMC would retain all critical line functions.” The reorganization creates opportunities to improve operations and support efficiencies through standardization across supply chains. “Our analysis of the reorganization indicates that the Air Force has recognized [the] challenges [to the AFMC reorganization] and has taken several steps to mitigate their potential effect… the Air Force has addressed issues of career and leadership development for those involved with operations support,” states the analysis.

“In times of tough budget outlooks, I applaud the Air Force for taking these steps to ensure the long-term viability and cost effectiveness of AFMC. I look forward to working with General Wolfenbarger and Air Force leadership as we continue this process, and look for ways to improve operations, and save taxpayer dollars,” added Turner.