Dayton, Ohio—Following the first Dayton Water Panel virtual meeting of 2021, Congressman Mike Turner, Chair of the Dayton Water Panel Tom Raga, Commissioner Debbie Lieberman, representatives from LimnoTech, and other members of the panel, held a virtual press conference to discuss the panel’s goals and timeline for the water study.

LimnoTech, the independent consulting firm that will conduct the study, briefed the panel on the plan and allowed for questions and feedback from panelists in order to ensure that the study will be consistent with the needs of the Dayton community.

Tom Raga confirmed the timeline of the water study, stating that the goal is for the first report to be completed by the end of March, followed by a report in July, and a final report in September.

Congressman Mike Turner stated:
"Today our water panel came together for our first virtual meeting of 2021 for a briefing on the plan for the water quality study. This study to be conducted by LimnoTech will be vital in understanding how to ensure the Dayton community has clean and safe drinking water," said Turner. "I’m confident that with this study and the help of our diverse panel of experts, we will make great progress this year, and I look forward to the important work ahead."

Congressman Turner created the Dayton Water Panel in 2019 in conjunction with the city of Dayton, Montgomery County and regional business, institutional and community leaders

to address ongoing water infrastructure issues in the Dayton area.