Congressman Mike Turner (OH-3) wrote to Vincent Snowbarger, Deputy Director for Operations at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, inquiring on the status of responses to questions for the record submitted to him over two months ago. Turner submitted the questions at the November 14, 2011 Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on “Delphi Pension Fallout: Federal Government Picked Winners and Losers, So Who Won and Who Lost?” in Dayton, Ohio. The hearing was a key opportunity for Delphi Salaried Retirees to tell the House’s chief investigative committee about the Administration’s actions and their effects during the bailout process.

“Despite my attempts to facilitate timely responses to these questions, over two months, no answers have been forthcoming.  I am deeply disappointed in the undue delay you continue to impose on this matter.  Congress and the hardworking Americans whose tax dollars were used to unjustly reduce the pension benefits of Delphi salaried retirees in the wake of the General Motors bailout deserve answers,” Turner wrote.

Turner, who has been stonewalled by the PBGC before, is not letting up on his search for answers. “As you may recall, several months passed between the submission of questions to you on June 22, 2011, and my receipt of your eventual, yet insufficient responses on November 9, 2011.  Please note my letter of November 16, 2011 to you addressing the inadequacy of these responses,” Turner added.

NOTE: The full letter here.