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Congressman Turner with service academy appointees.

Today, Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) announced the 6 students from his district who have been nominated to attend the U.S. Service Academies.

“Every year, bright young patriots volunteer to serve their country. I am proud to recognize these six students who will be attending service academies next year and representing Ohio with pride,” said Congressman Turner.

In order for a student to be considered for a military academy appointment, he or she must be recommended by an authorized nominating source. This could include the President, Vice President, a Member of the Senate or a Member of the House of Representatives.

Receiving a nomination is only the first step in the process of receiving an offer of appointment to a U.S. military service academy. Students must qualify academically and are subject to character, leadership physical fitness, medical fitness and motivation evaluations.

To attend the United States Air Force Academy:

  • Abigail Arestides (Beavercreek, OH)
  • Caleb Boone (Beavercreek, OH)
  • Kyle Roshong (Dayton, OH)

To attend the United States Naval Academy:

  • Holden Rushing (Kettering, OH)
  • Kasen Stephensen (Bellbrook, OH)

To attend the United States Military Academy: Marie Docken (Kettering, OH)