Findings show NAHF has considered selling artifacts to raise money

Congressman Turner released the following statement after sending a letter to Chairman of the Board of Trustees Bill Harris that the NAHF must cease and desist all deliberations, efforts or activities that relate to selling or disposing of artifacts in the NAHF’s possession.

“Throughout my ongoing investigation, I have found that due to NAHF’s troubling financial situation the NAHF has considered disposing of or selling NAHF artifacts. I am calling on the NAHF and NAHF’s Board to immediately cease and desist.”

The letter states:

“During the Congressional investigation into the financial practices of the NAHF, it has come to my attention that the NAHF has deliberated about and considered selling, or otherwise disposing of, artifacts donated by NAHF contributors or enshrinees.  The Congressional investigation has revealed that the NAHF has apparently considered this option as a means of raising funds that are desperately needed due to the dire financial circumstances of the NAHF.”

“No museum or enshrinement hall can maintain credibility if the collection of artifacts in its possession is seen as a possible revenue source.”

Last week, Congressman Turner sent a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Aviation Hall of Fame stating he will investigate the Congressionally Chartered organization after receiving troubling information concerning their finances.

Congressman Turner announced that he had received support from two National Aviation Hall of Fame Trustees Katie McCallum and Donald I. VanDerKarr after announcing his plans to investigate the NAHF.

Congressman Turner is exercising his oversight authority to investigate these allegations against the Congressionally Chartered organization.