Congressman Turner released a joint statement with Wright State Research Institute (WSRI) on additional funding included in the House-passed omnibus for Wright-Patt’s Human Effectiveness Directorate.

“I am proud of the steps taken in this bill to bolster Wright-Patt and local research institutes such as Wright State. This critical Air Force program and its ongoing partnership with Wright State Research Institute will ensure our military is prepared to address complex security challenges for generations to come,” said Congressman Mike Turner. 

Dennis Andersh, Executive Director of the Wright State Research Institute stated his support saying:

“Wright State commends Representative Turner and the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate for supporting Human Effectiveness Applied Research in the year-end budget deal. This important program supports advanced research to improve warfighter performance, and much of this work is done right here in Southwest Ohio.”

The bill provides an additional $10 million above the President’s request for the Air Force’s Human Effectiveness Directorate, which is headquartered at Wright-Patt. Wright-State Research Institute has partnered with AFRL and the Human Effectiveness Directorate to conduct research related to increased levels of autonomy for unmanned systems.