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Funding for Mound and Community Priorities Clears Committee Markup
Washington, D.C. Congressman Michael R. Turner (OH-03) announced today that nearly $10 million in federal funding for community priorities has passed through the Appropriations Committe. One of the projects funded in the bill is an additional $5 million in funding to help complete the cleanup of the Miamisburg Mound. Infrastructure improvement projects in Hillsboro, West Carrollton, Fairview Commons, and downtown Dayton were also funded in the markup.

Rep. Turner said, “After working with Congressman Dave Hobson to secure $30 million for the Miamisburg Mound cleanup in 2005, I am proud to help deliver an additional $5 million this year. I am glad I could help secure the funding to help finish this project. The Mound cleanup is important for both health and economic development reasons and will benefit our region for many years to come.”

Also funded in the markup were:

Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements, City of Hillsboro, Ohio -- $1 Million

Hillsboro, Ohio, located in rural Highland County is in need of updating its Wastewater Treatment Facility and wastewater infrastructure. Specifically the funds requested would be used for the construction of needed improvements to their wastewater treatment plant and the installation of additional equalization basins. Funds will also be used to upgrade aging water infrastructure for the treatment of waste.

West Carrolton, Ohio Holes Creek Local Flood Protection project -- $2.6million

This project protects approximately 600 homes in West Carrollton, Moraine and Miami Township from flooding. Funds will go toward the construction of a levee and floodwall to protect and purchase three flood prone properties south of the creek and remove the structures, completing this flood protection project.

Fairview Commons Infrastructure Project CityWide Development Corporation -- $300 Thousand

This project is part of a larger revitalization plan for Northwest Dayton, Ohio. Specifically, funds will provide water and sewer infrastructure to neighborhood revitalization efforts underway in low-income neighborhoods in Northwest Dayton near Good Samaritan Hospital.

Tech Town Water and Sewer Infrastructure – CityWide Development Corporation – $500 thousand

This community supported project will support the revitalization of a former brownfield site in downtown Dayton, Ohio into a viable commercial property. These funds, authorized by the 2007 WRDA will provide additional water, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure to the Tech Town Campus.