Today Rep. Mike Turner (OH-10) and Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-13) led a bipartisan letter to the President urging him to restore the pension plans of Delphi Salaried Retirees before any further coronavirus relief for the auto industry is distributed. More specifically, Turner urged the President and the Administration to direct that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) settle pending litigation over the Delphi Salary plans and request that the PBCG restore lost pensions.

“There should be no federal stimulus funds given to the U.S. auto industry without restoring the pension plans of the Delphi Salaries Retirees terminated by the previous administration,” said Turner. “During the Obama Administration’s 2009 taxpayer-funded General Motors bankruptcy bailout, the earned pension plans of more than 20,000 Delphi Salaried Retirees were terminated unjustly. This decision caused devastating financial losses to these families. Now is the perfect opportunity for this injustice to be corrected. The auto industry should not receive taxpayer funds for a bailout again until the injustice from the last bailout is remedied.”

“Any federal assistance for the auto industry must include relief for the Delphi Salaried Retirees Association (DSRA),” said Ryan. “The Delphi Salaried Retirees have waited long enough to find resolution to this issue. Their suffering, hardship, and stress has now continued into another Presidential term without attention. Once again, I’m calling on the Trump Administration to fix this injustice.

The full letter can be read here.

Turner has been fighting to restore the Delphi Salaried Retirees’ pensions since 2009.