Congressman Turner released the following statement after negotiations concluded on the nuclear agreement with Iran:

"The President’s strategy to address Iran’s nuclear ambitions have been flawed from the beginning.

"Earlier this morning, President Obama told the American people that this deal was built on verification rather than trust. While this deal was being negotiated, I had the opportunity to meet directly with IAEA officials involved with Iran nuclear inspections. Those officials made clear that despite President Obama’s assertions, the IAEA will remain unable to verify all locations associated with Iran’s nuclear program. Put plainly, verification is not possible and the President’s own negotiating principles are based in fantasy.

“Equally troubling is that fact that Iran will be allowed to continue its pursuit of ballistic missile technology, which will place the United States and its allies in harm’s way. I am appalled that the President continues to misrepresent this deal to the American people.”



Iran Deal Text.pdf