Today, the Department of the Air Force announced its request for nominations for locations to host the United States Space Command. The U.S. Space Command will have approximately 1400 military and civilian personnel working in the headquarters once established. The Dayton area will compete to have the headquarters placed in our community.

“I have been in constant contact with the Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett and Chief of Space Operations General John Raymond and will continue to strongly advocate for our community’s importance to the space mission,” said Turner. “The Secretary of Defense has confirmed that the work being done at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is critically important to our National Defense Strategy in the space domain. I have been in touch with the Governor’s office and with the Dayton Development Coalition to assemble our team to prepare our community’s submission in the Space Command competition. The Space Force should utilize our community for its unique capabilities and establish the U.S. Space Command headquarters here in Dayton. I will be fully supporting our community’s bid to host this combatant command which supports a mission critical to our nation’s national security.”