Mike Turner Lauds Chairman Conyers Request for More DHL Hearings
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Turner Lauds Chairman Conyers’ Request to Suspend DHL-UPS Transaction Pending Judiciary Committee Review

Committee Chair Says More Hearings Needed on Deal

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael R. Turner (OH-03) today testified at a House Judiciary Committee hearing concerning the possible deal between DHL and UPS. Turner requested the hearing citing antitrust concerns. During this hearing, Committee Chairman John Conyers asked both DHL and UPS to suspend the proposed deal so that future hearings could be held to review possible antitrust implications. Congresswoman Betty Sutton (D-OH) testified at the hearing and made the first request for suspension of the deal to allow for greater scrutiny.

“Chairman Conyers today did a tremendous service for the people of Southwest Ohio and for all the employees and families at the Wilmington airpark,” Congressman Turner said. “This deal raises serious antitrust concerns on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and further hearings are necessary. I am tremendously grateful to Chairman Conyers and Ranking Member Lamar Smith for their support today and for this new opportunity to get more information.”

Under the proposed terms of the partnership, DHL would be contracted by UPS to pick up and deliver products but would have no role in product shipping and sorting. These roles would be filled by UPS, which also acquired Emery Airlines in Dayton in 2005 in a consolidation move that cost approximately 1,200 jobs. The partnership could compromise over 8,000 jobs that are based in DHL’s Wilmington hub.

Congresswoman Sutton said in her written testimony that, “The bottom line, Mr. Chairman, is that this agreement between DHL and UPS raises serious questions under Anti-Trust law and deserves careful examination.”

“I appreciate both the Chairman and Congresswoman Sutton’s request to suspend the transaction pending further review,” Turner said. “I am hopeful DHL and UPS agree.”