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Rep. Turner Seeks Tax Rebate for Delphi Employees in Economic Stimulus Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Michael Turner (OH-03) sent the following letter requesting that key Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate allow former Delphi employees to receive the tax rebates in the upcoming economic stimulus package. After hearing concerns from former Delphi employees who received one-time buyout payments which may have caused their 2007 income to exceed the income cap set under the proposed economic stimulus plan, Rep. Turner sent the following letter:

Dear Chairmen Rangel and Baucus and Ranking Republicans McCrery and Grassley:

I am writing to request that clarifying language be added to the Economic Stimulus package that ensures tax rebates will be given to workers who have been termed “adversely affected workers” in order to receive Trade Adjustment Assistance or Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA and ATAA respectively).

Recently, my office was informed that some former Delphi Corporation employees who accepted a buyout may not be eligible to receive tax rebates under Title I of HR 5140 if their 2007 income is higher than the income cap passed by the House.

In 2006, Department of Labor Secretary Chao certified that former Delphi employees who accepted buyouts would be considered “adversely affected workers.” As a result, these former Delphi employees would be eligible to receive TAA or ATAA benefits.

It is important to note that while these “adversely affected workers” may have incomes that exceed the income cap for a rebate, this is a result of a one-time buyout payment, and is not representative of their base income. As a result, these workers should receive tax rebates under Title I of HR 5140.

I would like to request that the tax rebate language in HR 5140 be clarified to reflect that any worker who is an “adversely affected worker” and eligible for TAA or ATAA be eligible for a tax rebate. The amount of money these workers received as part of their buyout package should not be included in their adjusted gross income for purposes of calculating their rebate.


Michael R. Turner
Member of Congress